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Nationwide Album Release for Trucker Music- “On the Road”

November 15, 2011 1 comment

On the Road Album cover

On the Road Album cover (Tony Justice)

Very pleased to announce that Flying J/Pilot Travel Centers will be releasing the “On the Road” album by Tony Justice on December 6, 2011. Tony is truck driver doing what he loves and singing about it. The album is dedicated to Tony’s Dad, Bob Justice AKA “Big Daddy” a man that dedicated 30 years of service on the road and to those that still drive the roads that keep America moving.

“It’s about truckin’ time!! I am excited to announce the soon-to-be released album “On The Road” by Tony Justice, an over-the-road truck driver, singer/songwriter. The first Nashville produced trucking album since the Rubber Duck and Convoy days; that’s over 30 years! The largest truck stop chain in America, Pilot/Flying J, will be nationally distributing this album in November. Guaranteed to be high-steppin’, double-clutchin’, gear-jammin’, chicken-truckin’ tunes that promises to entertain both truckers and music lovers alike.
There are several songs on the album worth pointing out. The first track is Peterbilt 379, a song depicting the life of a driver who is proud of the truck that gets him from A to B to fulfill his job, written by Tony during his travels while driving his Big Pete. The title track, “On The Road”, was written by Kenny Chesney, and in the words of Overdrive magazine’s editor, it “..explores the difficulty of sustaining an on-highway marriage, primarily from the wife’s point of view: “While he’s out in the fast lane, her life’s moving slow… She wonders if he’s cheated / She hopes that he’s been true / She knows he’s thought about it / ‘Cause she’s thought about it too…”- Todd Dills, (Oct 13, 2011). And, of course, one must mention the remake of the original classic, “Six Days On The Road”, by Dave Dudley.
Tony kicked off the debut of his album by performing at the 1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention in Tunica, MS last month, where “The evening concluded with some of the best entertainment around as Tony Justice and his Nashville band cranked out hit after hit.” – Allen Smith, (Oct 17, 2011). It was Tony’s pleasure to attend and perform at this event, so he could show his support for the current events happening in the trucking industry.
Thanks to the topics presented, Tony’s social media network has increased his statistics astoundingly!  His songs have touched many truckers nationally, and, even globally, with his true life experiences resonating through the lyrics. He has even had Facebook friends from Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, and many others, wanting to know how they can get one of his CD’s!!”



AskTheTrucker supports September 15th to address Truck Driver Fatigue- Jason’s Law

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

AskTheTrucker supports September 15th to address Truck Driver Fatigue,
Parking Shortages, and Reduction of Highway Fatalities

On September 15, 2010, Allen and Donna Smith of, along
with thousands of people nationwide, are going to voice their convictions
to Washington DC, strongly urging elected officials and lawmakers to
support bill HR 2156. The bill, commonly referred to as Jason’s Law, would
ensure the existence and expansion of available truck parking, relieving
truckers from the documented fatal effects of fatigued driving, and
therefore securing safer conditions for highway motorists sharing the
roads with the more than 4 million professional truck drivers.

Dunnellon, FL (PRWEB) September 13, 2010 — On April 28th, 2009
Congressman Paul Tonko of New York presented HR 2156 to the house, seeking
remedy for the nation’s severe truck parking shortage which has directly
affected truck driver safety, trucker fatigue, accident fatality, and
national highway safety. has been reporting the updates
and progress of this most vital bill, including live radio appearances of
Congressman Tonko on Truth About Trucking “Live.”

For many years, Government studies have indicated that there is a
significant shortage of available truck parking facilities. Studies have
also indicated, that by not having enough truck parking, drivers are at
greater risk of experiencing what’s commonly called within the trucking
industry as “truck driver fatigue”, which according to the National
Transportation Safety Board “may be a contributing factor in as many as 30
to 40 percent of all heavy truck accidents.” The Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Administration ( FMCSA) has stated that truck driver fatigue has
been the main cause of thirteen percent of all fatal crashes involving a
tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle.

To make matters worse, the current economic recession has forced many
states to close additional rest areas. When drivers cannot find available
parking to rest, many times they continue to drive in this dangerously
fatigued state, reducing their alertness or ability to think clearly,
while they continue to search for available refuge. Other times they are
forced to hazardously park on exit and entrance ramps, or to find solace
in isolated areas, as was the case of Jason Rivenburg, who was shot and
killed as he rested in an abandoned gas station on March 5, 2009.

Truckers, their families and friends are urging people to call their
elected officials on September 15th in order to support HR 2156 and S971,
“Jason’s Law.”

The law would allocate funds, already existing from collected fuel tax,
towards a Pilot Program which would create and maintain safe truck parking
for professional truck drivers. The plan is designed to spend a modest 20
million dollars a year for 6 years.

As reported this past June in a post on AskTheTrucker:

Jason’s Law has been dormant in the Transportation and Infrastructure
Committee/ Highways and Transit sub-committee. It is imperative that this
vital bill be passed into law and not allowed to, once again, be placed
within a larger bill where little or nothing is done to either address or
resolve the issue of severe truck parking shortages.

On Wednesday, September 15th, please call your US representatives and

. . . and ask to speak with the transportation staffer. Explain that you
are concerned with the direct correlation between truck driver fatigue as
it relates to the severe truck parking shortage and our national highway
safety, specifically, truck related fatalities.

Particular attention will be to Senator Charles Schumer, who first
presented S971 to the Senate. His phone number is: (202) 224-6542

On September 6th 2010, President Obama called for a 50 billion dollar
infrastructure plan to rebuild the roads, railways, and airport runways of
this country. Should this bill be passed, we hope that additional funds
would be allocated towards the prevention of highway fatalities by
assuring that there be an adequate number of truck parking facilities for
professional drivers to obtain their mandated and legally required rest. is one of many websites within Truth About Trucking, LLC
and is dedicated to the betterment of the professional truck driver and
strives to “Raise the Standards of the Trucking Industry”

Allen & Donna Smith



Jason Rivenburg Murder Trial Video

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the video from the court house today in Calhoun County, SC for the murder of Jason Rivenburg.
This is why I support Jason’s Law HR2156 because I do not want this to be my loved one and be in Hope’s shoes. Since all of this started most of you know that me and Hope talk on the phone pretty much on a daily basis. We spoke briefly earlier and I could hear the tears still in her voice. As much as we have talk I can tell when she has been crying. I do not want to see another family go through the hell and torment that this lady has gone through and is going through. It was a senseless killing that did not have to be this way but no place to park in Virginia thanks to the parking ban and Food Lion where Jason was delivering milk, this is how it ended. Three kids with no Daddy and a young widow struggling to make it on her own. Jason’s pick up truck still parked in the driveway and clothing still in the closet. The last phone conversation Jason had was with his friend, Jerry and the last words while cleaning the dash in his truck “OH MY GOD” shot fire, shot fired, shot fired.

I hope you all support Jason’s Law and will encourage others to do so. If you have not gotten on board already please do so cause you never know one day the headlines may be talking about you. If not you may find yourself of loved ones in the situation Hope is in end end telling their son “Daddy is not coming home” for me it’s hard enough explaining that Daddy will be home in a week or whenever I couldn’t imagine trying to explain that Daddy is an Angel helping out and watching you from above.
So the next time you cannot find a place to park call your state representatives and tell them “There is no place to park and I SUPPORT JASON’S LAW and you should too!!!”

Here is the video link