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Be Responsible for YOUR Actions

Brian Bates from JohnTV posted and let everyone know about a “John” that he video taped on January 19, 2011 driving a company pickup truck from NOMAC Drilling Company and posted on his youtube channel. I follow him pretty closely and always wonder what happens to these guys that have good jobs, families and great lives. How is their future effected? Wives? Lives? Children? Careers? Divorce?

Well I received my answer today. This is a post from John’s Facebook status:

‎”Hello Mr. Brian i was recently one of guys taped. I was the one in the nomac truck n I just want to apologize to you, I know you are doing your job and I don’t know what I was thinking but I sure wish I could take it back.

My whole life has changed now I ruined it and I just
don’t know what to do, I’ve lost a good job for a good company and I’m so ashamed.

Everyone makes mistakes in life but I guess my are a
bit harder to put behind because someone will always see the tape especially with it on the Internet.

I really I’m regretful and I wish I could take it back and have a second chance at life and if there any thing I can do to remove the tape or at least have my face blurred out or the company name please let me know.

Any advice would also be appreciated I just don’t know what else to do anymore.”

The moral of this is if you are going to do something in the open please stop and think about who has a video camera or camera your actions showing them to the world. What could potentially happen? Do you think this man actually thought he would lose his job? No, or he wouldn’t have met her in a company vehicle. Now apparently he is having trouble finding a job. Be responsible for your own actions in life, do not blame others and be prepared to face the consequences of your own actions. Never know who is watching!

Caption from Youtube video:

1/20/2011 – OKC, OK — On 1/19/2011 JohnTV catches a driver in a Nomac Drilling (aka, Chesapeake Energy) marked truck park behind a popular and locally owned Mexican Restaurant and pick up a known street prostitute. The prostitute later told JohnTV that he exposed himself and let her touch him to prove he was not an undercover officer. He then took down her cell phone number to contact her later.

You can follow JohnTV on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and TwitPic.

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