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Ray Veilleux ‘Ice Road Trucker’ Job Information

Do you recognize the guy in the picture? His name is Ray Veilleux from the hit television series, Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. On the January 12th episode,  Best of the West, Ray and his daughter, Brittany hunted on the show as guests. I, personally  enjoy looking at Ray’s Facebook photos and enjoy the different types of scenery; horses, hunting pictures and various things that I will probably never have the chance to see. While browsing Ray’s photos I stumble upon various pieces of artwork from his “Little Fans” album. To my surprise there were various master pieces paintings and hand drawings from little kids that adore their truckin’ TV star. Can you imagine the excitement within these kids when their parents show them their artwork online posted by their hero? Small things in life make the biggest difference in lives. A few minutes out of your day everyday can make a huge impact in someone’s life. We all know image is everything when it comes to trucking because America or in Ray’s case, the world is watching.   Recently I messaged Ray to offer useful information he may be able to use in the near future. I never expected to receive a response from him but he proved me wrong! We ended up messaging one another back and forth countless times. He even gave me some helpful information to share with those interested in driving extreme conditions. Ray and his wife, Kim ended up calling to verify some information that I had given them online. The conversation was lengthy and lead to a lot of great ideas to be announced in the near future. So stay tuned and be safe wherever you may be!

Here is the information I received about the jobs:


I work for Halliburton in Williston, North Dakota. The website to apply online is www.halliburton.com . It is not all truck driving though, they would be on a cementing or fracing team. They would be applying for it operator assistant (OA1) on cementing or operator assistant (OA1) Frac team. But there are other trucking companies that are hiring also in Williston. If they do not like to drive in blowing snow or in the snow then do not apply. If there are people that want their CDL Halliburton will send them to CDL school and they would train with me before they go for their CDL test. Halliburton pays for the classes. Make sure they put my name down “Raymond Veilleux” as a reference and their applications will go through quicker. They would work 2 weeks on and get one week off paid. You do work a lot of hours in just 2 weeks. They would receive full time benefits without a waiting period.


Ray Veilleux

“Ice Road Trucker”

  1. Gareth nyandoro
    February 10, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    HI there fellow iceroad truckers please help me fullfill my desire as a trucker to experience the life as an iceroad trucker. i love trucking which is my passion and am looking for references to getting there. please help me get there and attain my dream experience for my future in trucking also lies in the iceroads. thank ypu whoever you are for helping me. catch me on facebook im the one without the picture not the zimbabwe flag thanks again.

  2. Larry
    August 12, 2011 at 6:01 am

    Hi there fellow Ice Road Truckers.

    I have seen almost every episode and notice no one ever talks about money.

    How much does that job pay? Is it the typical 25 cents a mile like Swift? Or, 27 cents a mile like Schneider?

    A lot of wannabee drivers watch your show and think “Well I can’t find a job building houses, so I’ll go to school on Gov’t unemployment benefits to get a CDL and I will be able to get a job driving truck and make a fortune.”

    Please be realistic and let your watchers how long you have been doing this job, what you started out making, and how much experience you have to earn what you do.


  3. Mary Veilleux
    January 16, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Sitting here with Vincent Caron:)…
    I too am a Veilleux…
    He said he knew you…
    A fellow Veilleux:):)…
    I didn’t believe him:)…
    He says that you and your sisters babysat him and his sister when they were kids:)…
    Small world:)…

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