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Naked prostitute turns knife on violent kidnapper


On the second of two similar incidents Monday night, a prostitute picked up on 82nd Avenue was strangulated, bound and threatened with a knife before turning the weapon on her abductor, stabbing the man several times and escaping without any clothes on.

The violent climax–as described by Portland Police and a court affidavit–ended the two strikingly similar abduction stories that led to kidnapping, menacing and strangulation charges for Roger Salazar-Castillo.

The first police response was for a 20-year-old female, who described how she was picked up by a man in a green Dodge Neon.

She agreed to perform a sex act for money, and at some point was strangled until losing consciousness, waking up bound with a green nylon cord.

The first victim woke up to be threatened with a kitchen knife and was being driven to an unknown location. Somehow she managed to escape from the car and run to a nearby home in the area of Northeast 62nd Avenue, where the police were called.

While the exact timeline of the events is missing from paperwork, police received a second call after that, and upon response to the Wood Village area near I-84 found the second female victim “wet, naked and hysterical,” according to the Multnomah County affidavit.

The details told by the 22-year-old victim were parallel to the first, except this time after being bound by the green nylon cord she managed to grab hold the suspect’s knife, stabbing him several times and running from the scene.

Salazar-Castillo, 39, was later found bleeding profusely inside a green Dodge Neon.

When police showed Salazar-Castillo the knife apprehended by the 22-year-old victim, he admitted it was his, according to the affidavit. In addition, he identified both female victims from photographs, admitting he picked them up earlier to solicit sex acts.

Salazar-Castillo recovered from his wounds in a Portland hospital and entered the court system Thursday afternoon. No next court date is available.

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