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Truckers we need your help locating a dangerous man

Please be on the look out for this description and car information. The unknown man is wanted for sexual assault with a deadly weapon. If you see this man please do not try to apprehend, call 911 immediately. You are indeed true angels of the highways, together we can hopefully catch this man before he gets the chance to hurt another person.

Date of attack: October 23, 2010

Location: Warsaw, Indiana (Kosciusko County)

The description of the attackers vehicle:

1988 Chevorlet Monte Carlo Black in color with hard top-(does not have t-tops, or sun roof )

Black tint on the top half of the windshield, other windows are tinted.

No known damage to vehicle as of Oct 23, 2010 at around 1:30 est

Indiana license plate, (tag has blue background white lettering, not sure of the plate number or county)

Charm that hangs from the rearview mirror of some sort

Attacker Description:

Height-between 5ft 8in and 5ft 10in

Weight– at least 300lbs non muscular

Hair Color– Medium length hair black, wavy

Distinctive markings- Scar on the right side of his face as your lookin at him, tattoo is on the left side of his neck as your looking at him

Wanted for- sexual assault with a deadly weapon

If you see this vehicle or recognize the description of the man in the area please contact the

Kosciusko Sheriff’s Dept at 574-267-5667

Justice needs to be served!!!! Please keep your eye out on this man.

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