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Load Board List

A while back I promised everyone a list of load boards.

* 123 Loadboard -www.123loadboard.com

* Careers in Gear -www.careersingear.com

* Cyber-Freight -www.cyber-freight.com

* Direct Freight Services -www.directfreight.com

* Expedite Loads -www.expediteloads.com

* Find A Hauler -www.findahauler.com

* Freight Finder -www.freightfinder.com

* Freight Mail -www.freightmail.com

* Freight Watcher -www.freightwatcher.com

* GetLoaded -www.getloaded.com

* Grab A Load -www.grabaload.com

* The Internet Freight Terminal -www.freight-terminal.com

* Load Match -www.loadmatch.com

* Load Max -www.loadmax.com

* Load Search.net -www.loadsearch.net

* The Trucker’s Website -www.thetruckerswebsite.com

* Load Solutions -www.loadsolutions.com

* Load Up -www.usacanadaloadup.com

* Never Sit (Trucker’s Helper) -www.neversit.com

* Pick a Truck Load -www.pickatruckload.com

* Shipper Net -www.shippernet.com

* Shipping Gateway -www.shippinggateway.com

* Truck Buzz -www.truckbuzz.com

* Truckinfo.net -www.truckinfo.net

* TruckLoads.net -www.truckloads.net

* Trulos -www.trulos.com

* US Load Source -www.usloadsource.com

* and more coming soon including:

* Can Haul -www.canhaul.com

* EzTruckLoads -www.eztruckloads.com

* Freight Exchange Online -www.freightexchangeonline.com

* Load Authority -www.loadauthority.com

* Real Time Freight -www.realtimefreight.com

* Right Now Loads -www.rightnowloads.com

* Truck Load Rate -www.truckloadrate.com

* The Freeloader.net -www.thefreeloader.net

* Vessage -www.vessage.com

* Xpress Trax -www.xpresstrax.com

  1. Liam O'Shea
    November 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Do any truckers have an opinion on which of the above site they use and like the most?

  2. Lj
    May 5, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Is there one service that searches load boards and compares them? Like Expedia, or Travelocity does for airfare?

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