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Various Free Items and Information

Fact is we are all looking to save money whether it is a couple of bucks or a few hundred. We have families to feed or trucks to keep rolling every penny counts!  I have composed a list of websites that are free or have free things on them. I hope you enjoy and can save some money.


Ring tones, a lot of these ring tones can be downloaded for FREE. If you are a singer/song or just want to make your own ring tone this would be the place to do it! If you go on here and search “Alarm ring tone” or “Siren Alarm” you may be able to save money by not buying a ‘Screamin Meanie’ and just use the alarm on your cell.


This is my personal favorite cell phone application, a map! Very easy to use and is very handy if something goes wrong with the GPS or you do not have an atlas handy. The application gives step by step instructions to your location and can even text them to your phone.


Visit this URL in your phone’s browser:



Craigslist.org is a very well known site to buy and sell various items. Maybe you have truck parts lying around, or need to buy some? Or would like to adopt a pet? Have a band and want to host an event? This place has EVERYTHING! Go check them out and see what is for sale in the city you are in.Please be safe when meeting any stranger off the internet. Meet in public places and not at your home. Hoobly is another buy/sell/trade website.



Are you bored from waiting to get loaded or unloaded? Or just to restless to sleep? Waiting on the truck to get repaired at the shop? Not a problem! Watch some TV online, catch up on your favorites like Ice Road Trucks or Dog the Bounty Hunter from the comfort of your own truck cab or home! Now you can watch your favorite episodes online without having to worry if you set the DVR before you left home. I am almost certain the majority are free.





Have some special treasures lying around the house that are just too good to throw away? Leftover kids clothing that still have a lot of wear and tear left in them? Or maybe you need something and do not have the money to buy it? Check out Freecycle, the worlds largest recycling website on the web. It is strictly non-profit and the best part is everything has to be FREE! Now your unwanted items can find a home and de-clutter your home in the process. Keep things our of  landfills and make the world a better place.



Free online truck game, beat your kids in a trucking game or maybe they will beat you? Just a fun little game to keep connected with friends or relatives that may enjoy playing it.

Trukz (pronounced “Trucks”) is a free persistent browser-based trucking simulation game designed to let you try your hand at being a truck driver hauling loads to and from various cities around North America, Europe, and Australia. There are over 35 cargo types in the game each with its own driver skill requirements so take the little jobs early on to get started and work your way to become the best driver making the most money in the game.



Vocalpoint is a community for women that provides valuable and interesting insights about new products, surveys, daily tips, articles, and coupons/samples. Men can sign up to but you may receive the occasional feminine product from time to time. They sent me a very nice pink Venus Razor, I needless to say I never got to use it because a certain trucker took it!  They have sent cereal, coupons, shampoo samples and various other new products to try out. Just sign up, get the product and submit a review.



Very informative FREE newsletter about trucking.

  • Guide to Pros and Cons to Trucking
  • Truck Driving Careers: Choose the Right Truck Driving School or Trucking Company
  • Truck Driving Schools and Student Responsibility


  1. August 17, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Thanks for all the free stuff. I’ve got lots more free stuff on my blog, snacks!
    see ya on Facebook

  2. August 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Hi Danielle,

    We need all the “free” good stuff we can get, thank you

    Blog looks great! With all your talents and knowledge you have about trucking, this is going to be a vital information and resource blog for drivers.

    Great Job! Awesome! Can’t wait to read about those dog training sessions for truckers.

    Thanks for all you do for the fight to pass Jasons’s Law.
    Donna Smith

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