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Utah Truck Driver Helps Capture Wis. Murder Suspect

SALLISAW, Okla. – A Utah man is being called a hero for his help in capturing a Wisconsin murder suspect. Justin Welch, who is accused of murdering a woman from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, escaped police custody in Arkansas earlier in the week. Welch hitched a ride with T.J. Lyon, a truck driver from Spanish Fork, Utah. A convenience store clerk in Sallisaw, Oklahoma mentioned to Lyon that the man he was with, Welch, resembled a man whose picture had been in the newspaper. Knowing this, Lyon continued to offer Welch a ride.
“He started asking me some kind of funny questions, so at that point in time I decided I was about 80% sure he was the guy,” Lyon said.

Before leaving the gas station, Lyon sent a text message to his sister in Spanish Fork, asking her to alert their mother, a Springville dispatcher, about the situation. Within minutes, Oklahoma authorities pulled Lyon’s truck over. Welch apparently reached for his bag, which contained a gun, but Lyon grabbed it and threw it out the window. Police then took Welch back into custody.


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