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Jason Rivenburg Murder Trial Video

This is the video from the court house today in Calhoun County, SC for the murder of Jason Rivenburg.
This is why I support Jason’s Law HR2156 because I do not want this to be my loved one and be in Hope’s shoes. Since all of this started most of you know that me and Hope talk on the phone pretty much on a daily basis. We spoke briefly earlier and I could hear the tears still in her voice. As much as we have talk I can tell when she has been crying. I do not want to see another family go through the hell and torment that this lady has gone through and is going through. It was a senseless killing that did not have to be this way but no place to park in Virginia thanks to the parking ban and Food Lion where Jason was delivering milk, this is how it ended. Three kids with no Daddy and a young widow struggling to make it on her own. Jason’s pick up truck still parked in the driveway and clothing still in the closet. The last phone conversation Jason had was with his friend, Jerry and the last words while cleaning the dash in his truck “OH MY GOD” shot fire, shot fired, shot fired.

I hope you all support Jason’s Law and will encourage others to do so. If you have not gotten on board already please do so cause you never know one day the headlines may be talking about you. If not you may find yourself of loved ones in the situation Hope is in end end telling their son “Daddy is not coming home” for me it’s hard enough explaining that Daddy will be home in a week or whenever I couldn’t imagine trying to explain that Daddy is an Angel helping out and watching you from above.
So the next time you cannot find a place to park call your state representatives and tell them “There is no place to park and I SUPPORT JASON’S LAW and you should too!!!”

Here is the video link


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