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Ok one of my first rules is never give a correction that you cannot reinforce. Meaning if my dog is not on a leash or near me I will not correct, I will go to him, leash him, give the correction if he keeps it up. I correct with a leash “jerk” and within 2 seconds of them doing wrong. The wrong kind of correction, or a poorly timed correction, or even the lack of correction is what gets people in trouble. I use a prong collar as well. Some say they are cruel and do not work but I do not agree. Choke collars cut off the dog’s air way and have killed more dogs than prong collars. Flat collars are ok but to me those are “annoyance corrections” I would rather give 1 leash jerk vs. 100 annoyance jerks. As soon as my dog pays any attention to another dog {shows aggression} I give the correction and redirect. By redirecting I will turn him completely around opposite of the other dog. Most owners have no clue how to deal with their dog, for instance an older couple walks by my house daily with their dog barking on a leash contantly and showing aggressive signs going towards my dog. Dogs are not aggressive by nature there is a reason and my opinion where you have been leaving him home, he’s bored and has nothing better to do than chase the neighbors dog.  This can become a problem not only for the neighbor but for you. If they call animal control, police or harm your dog. Read up on it and see what works for you and go from there. I’m pretty confident you will get him straightened out. My way may not be your way.

Signs of aggression and in your case I would say there are more:


  • Excessive barking;
  • A tendency to snarl, growl, or snap to protect food;
  • Overprotectiveness of possessions;
  • Fearfulness in new situations or around strangers;
  • Severe attacks on other animals, such as cats or livestock;
  • Attempts to mount people’s legs;
  • Snapping and snarling when petted, groomed, or lifted;
  • Frequent attempts to chase moving objects such as bicycles, skateboards, cars and trucks;
  • Repeated escapes from home and long periods spent roaming free

This is what I have always used on my dogs



I found this for you, most of it I agree with it.

I hope this helps. If you need anything else you know how to get ahold of me. Use that Leerburg site for other problems and references. They have videos on youtube as well.


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